Almost 80% of the public agrees on 20mph speed limits


The majority of people support a cut in the urban speed limit, new research shows.

Almost eight in every 10 Brits agree that the 30mph limit must be cut to 20mph in the city centres and also on residential streets.

This is according to a survey done by a survey road safety charity Allianz and Brake Insurance.

They asked a representative sample of 1,000 UK adults: Do you think 20mph should be the norm around schools, on residential streets, and then in village, town and city centres?

Traffic ‘too fast’

The research also found that almost three-quarters of individuals say that the streets where they live should be made safer for walking and cycling.

Meanwhile, 80% say that traffic travels too fast on no less than some of their local roads.

Julie Townsend, Brake’s deputy chief executive, says: We need to tackle the senseless and violent casualties that continue to happen daily on our roads.

We also need to enable people to livehealthy and active, social lives.

It’s clear that 20mph limits in communities will help bring this about and it’s clear this is what people want.

20mph limit sees fall in road casualties

According to the Department for Transport, the number of casualties resulting from road accidents dropped by over a fifth following the introduction of a 20mph limit in parts of Portsmouth in 2010.

Stricter limits have also been introduced in Birmingham, London, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Brake now states that the government should impose a national 20mph limit in urban areas rather than depend upon a piecemeal approach from local authorities.

The findings come at any given time when many councils across the UK are implementing 20mph limits in busy areas.

Cardiff introduces 20mph speed limit

Last month, Cardiff Council began a pilot scheme to cut the legal limit to 20mph in the Cathays and Plasnewydd areas of the town.

Councillor Graham Hinchey says that a public consultation prior to the scheme showed Cardiff residents were strongly in favour of a lower limit.

He adds: Over half of the people who responded towards the survey claimed that reducing the speed to 20mph will encourage them to cycle or walk on a regular basis.

Alex31 and Higgs, an advertising and marketing manager, lives in one of Cardiff’s pilot areas but says he or she is not sure what effect legislation change may have.

‘How will lower speed limit be enforced? ‘

He says: I do not know how they would enforce it unless they put cameras in the most obscure of streets, which I imagine would be expensive.

Without more cameras or police radar guns, I imagine that the sensible drivers will still drive sensibly, and the speeders will continue to speed anyway.

But overall, he supports the idea.

Streets like mine have cars parked each side, and I lose count of the number of times stupid people walk out from behind a parked four-wheel-drive, van or people carrier without looking.

It may also make people who are reticent about cycling on the roads that little more likely to undertake it, and with it the associated health and environmental benefits.

Brighton and Hove lower speed limit

Brighton and Hove is another area where 20mph limits have already been imposed recently.

The local authority started its scheme in March 2013 and is currently extending the number of areas where the 30mph limit has been cut.

Transport councillor Ian Davey says that the city is already beginning to reap the benefits of reduced limits as the number of casualties has fallen.

That means people can gradually feel safer on the streets where they live, making neighbourhoods more accessible and pleasant for everyone.

‘People drive like maniacs’

Brighton resident Laura Santer says that she is definitely in favour of limits being cut to 20mph over the city.

People drive like maniacs along our road where there are several schools and nurseries, she says.

However, she adds, most drivers appear to ignore the lower limits around the main roads into the centre of Brighton.

I believe they would need to police the routes with cameras to create the speed limit enforceable.

Santa Paula Chevrolet

How to impress your co-workers

Having a job is a political minefield. Not only do you have to deal with the difficulties of performing your tasks, you also have to deal with a number of personalities that probably don’t always mesh perfectly. Sure, people are generally cordial at work, but in a world when most folks are fighting to get ahead in the world, it’s easy for relationships and common courtesy to go by the wayside. In short, it’s difficult to earn the respect of people who are so invested in their own lives and success. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

Start early and leave late; no one can deny the respect that this demands. If you start a habit of showing up to work twenty minutes early and leaving twenty minutes late, people will immediately start to notice. They’ll notice your commitment to the job, but more importantly, they will respect your work ethic and immediately start to respect you more. When they start to respect you more, they will see you as a leader, not merely a drone of the work force. Doing something as simple as this can make a profound change in your career, and it only takes a little bit of your time. I realize that your time is sacred to you, especially away from the office, however the best way to get ahead is to prove how valuable you are.

End of workday

Another great way to impress your co-workers is to very casually show them how impeccable your taste is. Never be gaudy, but always be classy. That means to come in with a clean shave and nice clothes. The more you respect your own image, the more others will respect it in turn. Nothing could possibly show your great taste and practical demeanor better than the right car. The new hybrid Nissan Altima is the perfect car to arrive in. First, it gets great gas mileage which allows you to save money consistently. Second, its safety record is second to none. If you’re interested in doing research on the car or its reputation, go online to either Valencia Nissan or Downtown Nissan and see for yourself. Really the reason that showing up to work in a car like this will make a difference in your reputation at work is because you will feel better about yourself. Your daily commutes will be more pleasurable and you’ll enter the office with a refreshed mind-set. Your co-workers will respond positively to this.

DTLA 8-2

If your style and your superior work ethic don’t seem to do the trick, you work in a very difficult office indeed. I would tell you to be nicer to your co-workers, however I assume you are already a perfect employee. The best I can come up with is for you to take your new Nissan Altima and drive off into the sunset. If they don’t need you, you don’t need them. Just their money. Good luck with your job!

DTLA 8-3

Know How Much Traction Do You Really Need


Most vehicles use two-wheel drive (2WD), where engine power is brought to either the leading or rear wheels only. Front-wheel drive is used generally in mostwagons and cars, and minivans because it’s space-efficient. It allows a smaller engine compartment, leaving more room inside for passengers and cargo. It’s also a lot better than rear-wheel drive in slippery conditions because there’s more weight on the front drive wheels and the wheels pull as an alternative to push the auto along the road. This helps prevent the vehicle’s rear end from sliding sideways in slippery conditions.

Rear-wheel drive places less demand on the front wheels, letting them be used primarily for steering. It’s frequently used on pickups and traditional, truck-based SUVs that are designed to handle heavy-duty chores such as towing. But rear-wheel drive can also be popular on sports cars and high-performance sedans because of its contribution to good handling.

Traction control, available on many two-wheel-drive vehicles, helps maximize traction in the drive wheels by preventing wheel spin. It’s particularly useful starting on asnowy and wet, or icy surface. If neither drive wheel has grip, however, traction control won’t help. In wintry conditions, we’ve found that all- or four-wheel drive is better than traction-control alone for obtaining up a slippery slope.

All-wheel drive (AWD) feeds power to all wheels. It gives maximum forward traction which is especially helpful in wintry conditions and when driving over moderate off-road terrain. AWD systems are especially useful when you are rapidly changing conditions or when driving with a road with intermittent ice and snow. Its lightness and compactness makes AWD the device of choice for wagons, some minivans and pickups, and most car-based SUVs. (See our list of best AWD vehicles.)

The limitations of all the- and four-wheel drive often go unappreciated. If you’re going inside a straight line but does nothing to improve braking or cornering, capacity to all four wheels helps. Thus, such systems don’t let you drive exactly the same or in the same speed as you would on a dry road.

Although four-wheel drive (4WD) and AWD are designations which can be often used interchangeably in sales and advertising literature, the important thing difference is the fact that 4WD incorporates low-range gearing, which, when selected, assists in more challenging off-road conditions, for example climbing over boulders, fording deeper water, or tackling steep off-pavement hills. The majority of 4WD-vehicle owners, however, never come close to needing this capability. 4WD systems will also be more expensive, more difficult, and heavier, which compromises fuel economy.

Modern 4WD systems may be full-time, which implies they can stay engaged constantly, or automatic, where the vehicle automatically switches between two- and four-wheel-drive mode, depending on the driving conditions. Many pickups and a few truck-based SUVs, however, have only part-time 4WD systems. These require the driver to manually shift between two- and four-wheel drive, which limits the vehicle’s capacity to provide optimum traction once the road surface suddenly becomes slippery.

For rain and incredibly light snow, 2WD will probably work fine. Front-wheel drive with traction control is the preferred setup. AWD would provide an additional margin of safety. AWD is also acceptable for most normal snow conditions or for traveling on dirt roads without high rocks, deep sand, or steep inclines. You should go for 4WD if you’re going where you’ll encounter more-severe conditions.

Additionally, a vehicle with a part-time system can’t be driven on dry pavement when in 4WD mode without running the risk of severe injury to the vehicle’s drivetrain.

Remember that both AWD and 4WD systems add considerable weight to a vehicle, compromising fuel economy. See our list of best off-road vehicles.

The myth of 4WD

One of the reasons a lot of people buy a traditional sport-utility vehicle is for the extra security and traction of four-wheel drive. But for most drivers, 4WD may be overkill. The type of vehicle that’s best for you depends on the kinds of conditions you typically face. For rain and light snow, two-wheel drive will probably work fine. Front-wheel drive with traction control is preferred. AWD is fine for normal snow conditions or perhaps for traveling on packed sand or dirt roads. For more severe conditions, you should select 4WD.

Furthermore, a common misconception is that 4WD and AWD systems assistance in all driving situations. In reality, those systems provide added traction only when accelerating. They generally do not help in braking or cornering.

Drivers often make your mistake of utilizing less caution when driving in slippery conditions with a 4WD vehicle, and they pay for the consequences by sliding off of the road and often rolling over. Drivers should be more vigilant, not less, because the added traction of 4WD can allow a vehicle to accelerate more quickly in slippery conditions. For extra assist in braking, get yourself a vehicle with antilock brakes. For a cornering aid, try to find an electronic-stability-control (ESC) system. But neither of these systems can overcome the laws of physics. Slippery conditions demand extra caution, no matter what you drive.

Top priced american vehicles


There are many methods to view the Consumer Reports Ratings to find the highest-rated vehicle within a given category or cost range. But we get many questions from journalists and our readers regarding the best current American-branded vehicles.

To answer that popular query, we sorted vehicles into 13 key categories. We found that Ford Motor Company has five of the 13 slots. General Motors captures five entries, Chrysler has two and Tesla has one. Reviewing the scores, we find that most of these American models are very competitive, scoring well typically. Unfortunately, some models are not recommended as a result of below average or unknown reliability. Check our Ratings (available to online subscribers) to find out which ones are top scoring and reliable.

Category Model Overall test score

Wagon Ford C-MAX Hybrid SE


Compact car Ford Focus SE SFE sedan


Midsized car Chevrolet Malibu 2LTZ


Upscale car Chevrolet Impala 2LTZ


Luxury car Tesla Model S (base, 85 kWh)


Sports car Ford Fiesta ST


Muscle car Ford Mustang GT Premium (V8)


Small SUV Ford Escape Titanium (2.0T)


Midsized SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (V6)


Large SUV Dodge Durango Limited (V6)


Luxury SUV Buick Enclave CXL


Full-sized pickups

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT


Minivan Chrysler Town & Country Touring-L


worst and Best new cars

See our best and worst section to aid filter down your purchase considerations including best new cars under $25K, worst and greatest new car values, most fuel-efficient, and most fun to drive.

Tangled Web of Online Car Shopping


Online car shopping is a relatively new phenomenon. If you’ve been holding on to your current car for a decade or more, chances are that online car shopping was very different when you last looked for a new car, if it was even an option.


Today, the options for buying online are almost endless. From dealerships to classified ads on a myriad of pages, to online auction sites, it can be hard to know exactly where to start looking. The good news is that, just like last time you were car shopping, big, reputable dealerships are still the most trustworthy. Whether you’re shopping online or in person, you know can trust what you’re buying from time tested lots like the Nissan Redlands dealership, Metro Nissan Redlands Metro Nissan Redlands.
If you happen to be searching for a highly specialized car, like an antique or racing vehicle, then an auction site might be your best bet. But if you want a good, reliable, family car, trust your safety to an affiliated dealership. Buying from someone who is selling their car individually, whether it be on a community forum, in a newspaper, or on an ad website, doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be getting a car in good condition. Even if you’re searching for a previously owned vehicle, buying one from a big dealership means that their experts have already checked it out and determined that it’s in good condition. Plus, they will have already done any repairs that were needed before they put it up for sale. Begin your car search online by looking at the website of your local dealership to see what’s available and what you’re really interested in before you visit the car lot. This way you will have already narrowed down your options before your trip.

BMW M235i is back with all new features


Devoted fans of “The Ultimate Driving Machine” have not all been thrilled with all the direction BMW has taken lately, dialing back the driving-machine quotient in favor of comfort and luxury. Can now take heart, even though those who have felt slighted. We’ve just purchased a new 2 Series coupe in the uplevel M235i trim, and we’re happy to say that the thrill is back. This car, successor for the laudable 135i, is just the right size for any little sportster, and it feelsquick and taut, and eager, the way in which a BMW should.

The bad news? This is simply not a cheap thrill. While the base 2 Series, the 228i, starts at $32,100, the M235i starts at $43,100. A few option packages pushed our car to $50,400.

What you get when you step-up to the M235i is a killer powertrain composed of a 320-hp turbocharged straight-six-cylinder engine mated to either an eight-speed automatic, or, as in our car, a six-speed manual. Even though this is not an all-out M-car (from BMW’s in-house performance boutique), the M235i brings a sports activity-oriented suspension, brakes, and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. Our car also has screaming-red leather upholstery well designed for this sport coupe’s extroverted personality. What BMW is doing here is trading on the cachet of its high-performance M line and providing a kinda-sorta-high-performance car without going to extremes.

This approach is working in spades, as the M235i is a joy to drive.

Once under way, you’ll immediately notice that the engine pours out a never-ending flow of smooth torque and high-end punch. It pulls strongly, responding instantly to each prod in the throttle and emits a satisfying exhaust note. So that as in the 435i, there’s something addictive concerning the quietly muscular engine, which tempts anyone to forever tip deeper to the throttle. The manual shifter is easy to manipulate and, combined with its smooth progressive clutch, very simple to manage. Only if setting up for a quick corner and trying to grab second gear did we notice a slight rubbery feel.

At any speed, this car telegraphs immediacy, with instant turn-in reaction and barely any body lean. If it still feels a tad artificial, BMW is clearly getting better at making this little bit of virtual reality more lifelike, the electric power steering is quick and well weighted, and. The suspension is restricted yet still absorbent enough. Rough surfaces provoke short, quick body motions, leaving the ride a bit jittery, but that, in some manner, conveys the sense of control and precision.

The beautifully finished cabin features the “M” badge occasionally, while the red leather seats proclaim “young and irreverent driving enthusiast! ” inside a tone notably louder than the whispered elegance of, say, the gentlemanly 435i coupe. The sculpted seats provide immense support, and while the place up front is okay, the rear seats are very tight-not surprising since this car is a size smaller than the 3 Series. The M235i brings each of the latest BMW infotainment system features, and quirks, managed by the iDrive controller and viewed over a clear but small 6.5-inch color screen.

Many BMW fans have been expecting a spiritual successor for the classic 2002 of the early Seventies. The M235i comes close. In case the 4 Series coupe has expanded into “An Officer as well as a Gentleman,” the M235i evokes “The Fast and the Furious.”

The Reason Yoy Shouldn’t Use Cruiser Control in the Rain


The very next time you find yourself behind the wheel of car in a rainstorm, be sure to disable cruise control. Your cruise control can make it considerably more dangerous. if you end up hydroplaningP

Cruise control is a great feature, especially on those long road trips, but be sure to keep an eye out for wet roads and rain. Wet roads are dangerous because the rainwater causes the grease and oil on the road to rise up to the peak of the water. This generates a slippery, ice-like condition on your way, but it could possibly get much worse if your tires can’t tread through the water fast enough. When that takes place, it’s called Hydroplaning, and it may happen at speeds only 35 MPH.P

Cruise control makes hydroplaning worse by continuing to keep your vehicle going at a constant speed. If you do not have anti-lock brakes, hitting your brakes while hydroplaning will undoubtedly make the skidding worse., while you can disable it by utilizing your brakesP

When you’re driving on wet roads, disable your cruise control and lower your speed. Should you do start to skid or hydroplane, take your foot away from the gas, grasp the controls with both hands, and steer toward the direction of your skid. After you have some control you can correct your car and obtain centered back your lane.P

Update: Many of you might have pointed out that most modern vehicles have traction control systems in place to prevent these issues as soon as the roads are wet. It should be noted that most newer cars do, although some older vehicles do not possess these types of systems. Additionally, cruise control systems vary per vehicle, but the danger of cruise control will be the initial speed and the striking the brake reaction that can occur when someone loses control over their vehicle, and particularly for vehicles without anti-lock brake systems. They may not cause your car to look faster because there is no traction, it should be noted that even though cars will try to maintain speed whilst in cruise control. It is still recommended you turn off cruise control and lower your speed when it is raining or the roads are wet.4P

Fantastic Vehicular Gifts for That Couple of Love Birds You Know

When it’s time to get a present for a loving couple in your life you may head to Crate & Barrel and just find whatever you can and give that to them. But that’s a boring way to go about showing your love for this newly wed couple, or couple celebrating an important anniversary. If you want to get them something that will really show them that you love them and that they are important to you, you better get them something outrageous, and there’s nothing more outrageous than buying someone a new car. Think about their expression when they open up a little box expecting something boring and lame and instead it’s the key to a brand new car. So what’s a good car as a gift? Here are some great options.

The Dodge Charger


When you go for a gift you might as well go with a car that they would not think about buying for themselves, ever. And that’s why they invented muscle cars in the first place, and why so many American companies are rebooting their muscle cars. They’re perfect for rental cars and also as gifts for the fun loving couple that may already have a design on what they want and are not expecting you break the mold for them. So get them this muscle car and they will have such a fun time driving to the store and to the shops and to anywhere. Look at some Chargers at used cars downey or even at McPeek Dodge. You’ll be surprised by the options available.

Honda Odyssey


The Honda Odyssey is the best mini van out there and there ain’t no doubt. These things are both cool and practical, and what more can you want out of a vehicle. So if you are thinking of getting a couple a present that goes above and beyond what is expected, the Honda Odyssey signature fleet grand parent is the prefect choice. Also, if it’s truly a good, loving couple, hopefully they will be expecting the next generation and with this car, they’ll have the right vehicular set up to happily welcome in the next members of the family. These things will last a life time and will be carrying a modern look into the next generation, too.

Toyota Prius-C


Ask someone you know who drives a Prius, and the first thing they’ll tell you is they actually look forward to going to the fuel pump to gas up because it’s so cheap and that they so rarely get to do it. The Prius can be rough to look at, but that’s before the Toyota company wisely made a Prius that actually looks cool. You’ll be surprised it’s even a hybrid since we’re used to sacrificing style for fuel economy. Thankfully those days are over, and this couple in your life will be thrilled with this gift. They are available in a whole bunch of awesome colors, so have fun shopping for this legendary gift.

How To Properly Take Care of Your Car


When you treat your car or truck as a method of getting from A to B, then you can stop reading this page at this time and continue with the rest of the site. This web site is devoted to the car owner who cares for their vehicle, who on occasion wants to wash it and make it look nice again. The type of person who might well consider dedicated vehicle storage to have their pride and joy out of the elements. This page came into being because frankly I got fed up with the amount of emails asking for it. So, i present my basic self-help guide to cleaning your vehicle and looking after it. Enjoy.

The lazy way out

If you wish the sort of decent job doing on your car that I get into on this page, but can’t be bothered to accomplish it yourself, there are numerous professional car cleaning centres or detailers that will perform the job for you, it’s worth explain right in the beginning that. Anticipate paying $150 or £100 upwards and to be without your vehicle for a couple of hours. If you’re what type who always just throws their car through a car wash, you can utilize an online carwash finder to determine which one is closest to you, alternatively. The whole reason for this article though is that you do it yourself…

Pre-school cleaning basics

Take off your bling

I know your Spice Girls anniversary ring is special, but remove it then you won’t accidentally scratch your paintwork to buggery.

Get a clay bar

You know how car detailers somehow manage to get your paintwork gleaming like new as soon as the best you can handle is some swirls and dried-on watermarks? It’s because they use clay bars. Get a decent quality one and use it a couple of times a year. How? See the section on cleaning it afterwards.

Use two buckets as an alternative to one

One for water that is clean, one for rinsing each of the crap out of your sponge or wash mitt. Simple. The brilliant ones amongst you will also have seen the distinct lack of the phrase power washer there. That’s because….

Kärcher be damned!

I know you don’t believe me, but pressure washers or lances really don’t get the car that clean. They shift the surface dirt but they will likely peel off stickers and make mincemeat out of damaged paint. Trust me. Or not – see yourself. Jetwash your car then have awhite and clean, lint-free cloth. Dampen it and wipe it across the door. Be horrified at the result and lets move on.

Don’t use household cleaners or dish soap on your paintwork

Fairy Liquid does a fantastic job of cleaning your dishes plus it smells lemony fresh too. It’ll also do wonders at stripping the wax and polish off your vehicle and then eating away on the clearcoat. Houshold cleaners can either be very acidic or very alkaline, and that’s A Bad Thing to your car’s paintwork. Get a proper PH-neutral car shampoo.

Clear away the big stuff using specialist products

If you’re seeking how to remove tree sap from a car, it doesn’t matter simply how much you wash, the hard things like road tar needs a specialist product, especially.

Bring microfibre cloths – lots of them

Simple enough really. They do the wash and job up well afterwards.

As an example, bring shop towels – lots of them as well

Get a big drum with a couple of hundred shop towels in it. They’re disposable, cheap and plentiful. They’re also typically made out of recycled material and are themselves biodegradable. Which is useful to know when fending off the tree-huggers.

Get rid of your chamois

Old school and they never really worked anyway, the chamois ought to be consigned to history. And don’t think about getting one of those ShamWow things – they’re a whole lot worse. Get a soft silicon water blade for swishing this type of water off your bodywork and you’ll never think back.

Don’t skimp on the wax or polish

Don’t insult it with the 3.99 manager special from the local parts store if you’re really going to invest a saturday afternoon in cleaning your car or truck.

Silicon cleaners are quite sticky

I know Back-To-Black looks like it does a good job on beyond your car, but try not to utilize it if you detail your engine. When it dries, it’s sticky and your engine will get dirty much quicker if all the shiny bits are covered in silicon cleaner residue.

Don’t clean your car or truck on a 40°C da if you are living in a hard water areay

Trust me – the soapy water will dry out and cover your vehicle in calcium streaks quicker than you’ll ever be able to rinse it well. Get a popup portable awning and do it from the shade if you must do it. You’ll at the very least have some chance. Frankly I’d wait for a cloudy but dry day myself.

Keeping up appearances

Once in a while the cleaning it section that follows assumes you really want a clean car. A suitably decent, showroom-fresh clean, although not a jetwash clean or perhaps a carwash clean. So if you want to do it, make sure you keep on the top of the situation. There’s no point in spending this sort of time doing your car if you’re going to allow it get all cacked up and not bother to at least hose it down every now and then. So without further ado, lock the wife inside with a good book, chain the dog and lets be able to it.

Cleaning it

First, some ‘before’ pictures. This is my daily driver and what you see this is actually the end result of 4 months of winter driving without ever visiting a bucket or hose. OK it’s not too bad, mostly because most of the crud didn’t stick because I cleaned it properly in the autumn. And silver isn’t the easiest colour to photograph dirt on, but it’s a everything we have so lets just work with it.

Hybrid Car and the Future


With gas prices at an all-time high, those who own new hybrid gas-electric cars (now getting on average 50-plus miles per gallon) are laughing up to the bank.

Growing demand for hybrid cars – long believed to be the vehicle of choice for either aging hippies or consumers around the fringe – may planning to revolutionize car buying from the traditional land of the gas guzzler.

Not surprisingly, hybrids are most popular among Californians, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Cities where traffic and gas prices make hybrids a smart choice also include Chicago, Washington and DC and New York.

While experts say it may be decade before most car owners in America are driving vehicles powered by both electricity and gas. With gas prices at over $4 a gallon, recent buying trends say hybrids could be here to stay.

Announced in 2012, a kit to transform any gas powered car or truck into a hybrid is planned to go on sale iin 2012, adding about 10 mpg on average. In terms of market the kit will retail for $3,000 with customers achieving payback inside of three years.

The reasons why for the upsurge in hybrid car interest are obvious, and Budgeting 101 plays a big part in car owners considerations. In a recent poll by Harris Interactive and Kelley Blue Book, as an example, 49 percent of new car buyers mentioned that gas prices would play a large part in the car they would choose.

But does that mean most consumers will pick a hybrid?

Car manufacturers are betting onto it. At least 12 hybrid car models were introduced by 2006, and more are forecast to be on the road in the years to come as gas prices show no sign of stabilizing any time soon.

Patriotic fervor for reducing America’s oil dependence – along with saving a buck with the gas station – may well push even the most ardent big car enthusiastic to take another look at hybrids.