Fantastic Vehicular Gifts for That Couple of Love Birds You Know

When it’s time to get a present for a loving couple in your life you may head to Crate & Barrel and just find whatever you can and give that to them. But that’s a boring way to go about showing your love for this newly wed couple, or couple celebrating an important anniversary. If you want to get them something that will really show them that you love them and that they are important to you, you better get them something outrageous, and there’s nothing more outrageous than buying someone a new car. Think about their expression when they open up a little box expecting something boring and lame and instead it’s the key to a brand new car. So what’s a good car as a gift? Here are some great options.

The Dodge Charger


When you go for a gift you might as well go with a car that they would not think about buying for themselves, ever. And that’s why they invented muscle cars in the first place, and why so many American companies are rebooting their muscle cars. They’re perfect for rental cars and also as gifts for the fun loving couple that may already have a design on what they want and are not expecting you break the mold for them. So get them this muscle car and they will have such a fun time driving to the store and to the shops and to anywhere. Look at some Chargers at used cars downey or even at McPeek Dodge. You’ll be surprised by the options available.

Honda Odyssey


The Honda Odyssey is the best mini van out there and there ain’t no doubt. These things are both cool and practical, and what more can you want out of a vehicle. So if you are thinking of getting a couple a present that goes above and beyond what is expected, the Honda Odyssey signature fleet grand parent is the prefect choice. Also, if it’s truly a good, loving couple, hopefully they will be expecting the next generation and with this car, they’ll have the right vehicular set up to happily welcome in the next members of the family. These things will last a life time and will be carrying a modern look into the next generation, too.

Toyota Prius-C


Ask someone you know who drives a Prius, and the first thing they’ll tell you is they actually look forward to going to the fuel pump to gas up because it’s so cheap and that they so rarely get to do it. The Prius can be rough to look at, but that’s before the Toyota company wisely made a Prius that actually looks cool. You’ll be surprised it’s even a hybrid since we’re used to sacrificing style for fuel economy. Thankfully those days are over, and this couple in your life will be thrilled with this gift. They are available in a whole bunch of awesome colors, so have fun shopping for this legendary gift.