How to impress your co-workers

Having a job is a political minefield. Not only do you have to deal with the difficulties of performing your tasks, you also have to deal with a number of personalities that probably don’t always mesh perfectly. Sure, people are generally cordial at work, but in a world when most folks are fighting to get ahead in the world, it’s easy for relationships and common courtesy to go by the wayside. In short, it’s difficult to earn the respect of people who are so invested in their own lives and success. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

Start early and leave late; no one can deny the respect that this demands. If you start a habit of showing up to work twenty minutes early and leaving twenty minutes late, people will immediately start to notice. They’ll notice your commitment to the job, but more importantly, they will respect your work ethic and immediately start to respect you more. When they start to respect you more, they will see you as a leader, not merely a drone of the work force. Doing something as simple as this can make a profound change in your career, and it only takes a little bit of your time. I realize that your time is sacred to you, especially away from the office, however the best way to get ahead is to prove how valuable you are.

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Another great way to impress your co-workers is to very casually show them how impeccable your taste is. Never be gaudy, but always be classy. That means to come in with a clean shave and nice clothes. The more you respect your own image, the more others will respect it in turn. Nothing could possibly show your great taste and practical demeanor better than the right car. The new hybrid Nissan Altima is the perfect car to arrive in. First, it gets great gas mileage which allows you to save money consistently. Second, its safety record is second to none. If you’re interested in doing research on the car or its reputation, go online to either Valencia Nissan or Downtown Nissan and see for yourself. Really the reason that showing up to work in a car like this will make a difference in your reputation at work is because you will feel better about yourself. Your daily commutes will be more pleasurable and you’ll enter the office with a refreshed mind-set. Your co-workers will respond positively to this.

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If your style and your superior work ethic don’t seem to do the trick, you work in a very difficult office indeed. I would tell you to be nicer to your co-workers, however I assume you are already a perfect employee. The best I can come up with is for you to take your new Nissan Altima and drive off into the sunset. If they don’t need you, you don’t need them. Just their money. Good luck with your job!

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