How To Improve The Fuel Economy of Your Motor

Some motors are more economical to drive than others – that’s all in their make-up. If you want to drive something big and heavy with a super powerful motor then it stands to reason that you’ll get less miles to your gas than someone driving something smaller and more economical.
With that said, there are a few ways which all drivers can improve the fuel economy of their motors. Whatever vehicle you choose to drive, drive it to the maximum fuel efficiency you can. You know that it makes sense for the planet, for the environment and for your pocket.

fuel filling at gas station

Here are a few ways which will help you to get better gas mileage.
1 – Be a conservative driver – if you are a hard braking driver and king of the quick starts you could increase the fuel consumption of your vehicle by up to 40%. When you consider that these driving practices only reduce your travel time by around 4% it really is a no brainer. If you want to get more miles to the gallon then accelerate smoothly and slowly.
2 – Stick to the speed limits – when you increase your driving speed from 55 mph up to 75 mph your fuel consumption can increase by as much as 20%. Slow down a little and you’ll get further for your dollar.
3 – Don’t sit with your vehicle idling – this not only wastes precious fuel but also increases unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. Your vehicle may need a little idling time during the winter months to warm it up but apart from that don’t sit with the engine running any more than you have to. Switch it off and save gas.
4 – Check your tires – if your tires are under-inflated it can increase fuel consumption by around 6%. Make sure that you check your tire pressures regularly, at least once a month. If your tires don’t have the recommended pressures go and pump them up at the gas station. Always check the tire pressures when the vehicle has been standing for a few hours – the pressures do change as they heat up after use.


5 – Make use of your cruise control – if you are going on a long trip and have a cruise control feature in your motor then remember to use it. This can help you to maintain a steady speed and also help you to save fuel.
6 – Air conditioning – using air conditioning does increase fuel consumption, there are no two ways around it. City driving on a hot summer’s day with the air conditioning on can increase fuel usage by up to 10%. It is generally more efficient to use air conditioning when traveling at high speeds when opening the windows would dramatically increase wind resistance but if you are driving slowly around town switch it off and open the windows.
7 – Make sure that the gas cap is tight – just because a gas cap is on it isn’t necessarily doing a good job. Gas evaporates into thin air along with not only your fuel economy but also your cash. Make sure that your gas cap is tightened to at least two clicks or your gas will evaporate into the air.


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