Proper Way Of Knowing The Value Of A Used Car


Everyone hates to seem like they’ve been taken benefit from, especially when buying a used vehicle. The thought discovers every car buyer’s mind… Did I just get taken by that smooth-talking salesman?

If you’re really getting the best value, or if you’re being offered a good price to your car, when it comes to cars, how do you know? After all, cars are most peoples second largest investment, so we have to make this decision wisely.

Strategies for Buying or Selling a second hand Car

Below is a video that will help you buy or sell your car with certainty, so that you’re not being taken advantage of, and also a few tips other than the monthly payment to take into consideration before driving off within the new car.

Step 1: Car Value Estimator

How do you know what your car will be worth? How do the used car dealers decide what to offer you? To learn how to evaluate which your car will be worth is actually easy. Follow simple steps along with the resource I provide below, and you’ll know the estimated value of your car in a few minutes.

What You Will Need to Know First:

Make and model of your own car or truck.

Body style (2 Door, 4 Door, etc.)

Automatic or standard transmission


Take note of all extras (sun roof, bed liner, aluminumleather and wheels, etc.-a few of these things may apply when completing your estimated value)

Note the health of the vehicle (interior condition, motor condition, exterior condition, etc.)

If you would like an even more in-depth inspection checklist worksheet that you can print and take with you, check out’s worksheet.

Getting the Kelley Blue Book Value

Once you have all of this information, you can get the Kelley Blue Book estimated value. The site will ask you for the information you recorded and will walk you through the process step by step.

You will be provided two different values, retail and trade-in. Should you sell the auto yourself, or when buying coming from a car from used car dealer, retail may be the value you may expect. Trade-in value is the value you can expect a pre-owned car dealer to buy your car for or take in as a trade. The trade-in value is going to be lower, as the amount between the trade-in and the retail value is the profit margin for the dealer. There is not any point to enable them to have a business if they can’t make a profit. Used car dealers can usually turn the used cars faster than individuals and use the hassle from trying to sell the auto yourself.

Kelley Blue Book also takes your location into account, as this may slightly increase or decrease the value of your vehicle.

To determine you cars value visit KBB and adhere to the directions. This will likely only take a few momemts. To get a variation, you can also look into the car value with another resource called NADA.

Step 2: Car Safety Ratings

Make sure you check the safety ratings if you’re thinking about buying a car. If you’re planning to invest your cash in a car, you want to make sure that they have high safety ratings. This is why cars are already test in different types of collisions and provided a rating from 1 star to 5 star, 5 star being the most effective rating.

To check on a car’s rating is simple and only take seconds. Most car from 1990 to provide can be checked. If no tests happen to be performed on the car you’re checking, it will tell you no testing has become tested with this model. To check the safety rating visit’s safety ratings page and follow simple online directions.

Step 3: History Report

It’s also a good idea to ask for the automobile history report. In the event the car has ever been involved in an accident, within a flood, etc, this is a are convinced that will provide you with information. There is generally a charge for this report, but a majority of used car dealer will have it in file. It may be worth buying one yourself if not.

Step 4: Insurance Quote

Certainly not least, be sure to have a quote from your insurance company or find an vehicle insurance quotes online before choosing a car, though last. You may usually call the insurance company and they also can give you a quote within minutes. The final think you desire is to buy an auto and find out the insurance policy is extremely high and you can not afford the cost.

This is one more reason to check the safety rating at the same time. The safer the car is, the better your rates can be. If it fails or in an auto accident, as some cars are much more expensive to repair than the others, insurance companies also take into consideration how much a specific cars will cost to fix.

Give them a telephone call or utilize your smartphone to check online; it will only take a minute, but may prevent you from purchasing a car that may be too expensive that you should insure. Good Luck.

I am hoping these tips and resources assist you in making your nextfind and buy, or sell, with increased knowledge and to help you create a wiser decision.

For additional information and to dig deeper into this topic, visit The Car Safety Center at

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