Romantic Anniversary Gifts for Her

The most stressful shopping season of the year isn’t Christmas or that big birthday, but your anniversary with that special lady. You want to find gift that shows her how much you treasure her presence in your life, but the ideas just aren’t coming. Don’t panic just yet- we’re here to help you out. Keep reading for our list of romantic anniversary gift ideas that are sure to have any woman swooning. You can thank us later.

Something That Sparkles


Whether you’re celebrating your first year together, or have been side by side for decades, there’s no more classic way to show your commitment than with a beautiful ring. A ring is constant reminder of your affection for her, visible anytime she looks down at her hand. There’s no need to reserve those sparkling stones for engagement rings alone. Consider giving her a statement piece, like a glamorous cocktail ring that she can wear for a big night out on the town. Or perhaps something more sentimental, like her birthstone on a simple band. Shop around at antique stores and estate sales for a one of a kind treasure that is as unique as she is. This year and all your years to come, she’ll know that your love is never farther away than the tip of her finger.

Shopping Spree


She always asks you to come shopping with her, and you always manage to find a tactful way out. For your anniversary this year, opt in and treat her to a blissful shopping excursion. She wants to know that you think she’s beautiful in whatever she’s wearing, so tag along, wait patiently while she’s in the dressing room, and take in the view when she comes out to model her new items for you. If you can’t afford to buy her a whole new wardrobe, pay attention to what she seems to lust over the most. That way, you’ll have some great ideas for a birthday gift or sweet surprise further down the road. Trust us- she’ll feel like the luckiest gal in town, and your patience will be rewarded.

Ride in Style


She’s been driving the same old clunker around for years, and is growing more tired of it by the day. This year, give her a gift that is as practical as it is romantic in the form of a stylish new car. You don’t have to break the bank to get her the wheels of her dreams. We’ve seen some incredibly smart, well designed cars come out over the last year at price points that make buying a new vehicle affordable for everyone. Consider, for instance, the super cute new Fiat 500c soft-top convertible from fiat riverside. Priced at just $16,445, you can deliver the wow factor she deserves without having to get a second job. Be sure to visit the folks at OC Fiat who are ready, willing, and totally capable of helping you pick out the perfect car for your perfect girl.