The Reason Yoy Shouldn’t Use Cruiser Control in the Rain


The very next time you find yourself behind the wheel of car in a rainstorm, be sure to disable cruise control. Your cruise control can make it considerably more dangerous. if you end up hydroplaningP

Cruise control is a great feature, especially on those long road trips, but be sure to keep an eye out for wet roads and rain. Wet roads are dangerous because the rainwater causes the grease and oil on the road to rise up to the peak of the water. This generates a slippery, ice-like condition on your way, but it could possibly get much worse if your tires can’t tread through the water fast enough. When that takes place, it’s called Hydroplaning, and it may happen at speeds only 35 MPH.P

Cruise control makes hydroplaning worse by continuing to keep your vehicle going at a constant speed. If you do not have anti-lock brakes, hitting your brakes while hydroplaning will undoubtedly make the skidding worse., while you can disable it by utilizing your brakesP

When you’re driving on wet roads, disable your cruise control and lower your speed. Should you do start to skid or hydroplane, take your foot away from the gas, grasp the controls with both hands, and steer toward the direction of your skid. After you have some control you can correct your car and obtain centered back your lane.P

Update: Many of you might have pointed out that most modern vehicles have traction control systems in place to prevent these issues as soon as the roads are wet. It should be noted that most newer cars do, although some older vehicles do not possess these types of systems. Additionally, cruise control systems vary per vehicle, but the danger of cruise control will be the initial speed and the striking the brake reaction that can occur when someone loses control over their vehicle, and particularly for vehicles without anti-lock brake systems. They may not cause your car to look faster because there is no traction, it should be noted that even though cars will try to maintain speed whilst in cruise control. It is still recommended you turn off cruise control and lower your speed when it is raining or the roads are wet.4P